Physical Conditions, Pain and Injury

As well as obvious causes like sprains and muscle tears, physical pain (particularly back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain) can have many causes. These are not always well understood by GPs or NHS services. It can be something as simple as bad posture or the effect of whiplash but could also be something more psychological or spiritual.

The range of specialists available at the Exeter Mind and Body Clinic means we can work with you to understand and address the underlying causes of your pain, as well as providing more immediate relief from your symptoms. The results are often astonishing with people finding renewed vigour and purpose through being released from pain and discomfort.

Therapies such as Zero Balancing, reflexology or quantum wave laser are often effective with chronic, long-term pain and conditions such as sciatica, frozen shoulder, whiplash and lower back pain.

Our approach is to find what’s at the source of your discomfort and then direct you to the most appropriate therapy, which could be talking therapy or mindfulness or guided meditation too as they settle the thought patterns which add to bodily stress.

Therapists who can help:

  • Cathy Towers (zero balancing, guided meditation)
  • Jacqueline Kareh (reflexology, metamorphic massage, rejuvanessence face-lift massage, SCIO, quantum wave laser)


Exeter Mind and Body Clinic will help you manage your asthma condition more effectively, reducing the frequency and severity of attacks and making you less reliant on your inhaler. We integrate orthodox with complementary therapies to fit your needs and teach a variety of simple tools to help you deal with an asthma attack.

A combination of therapies could include SCIO testing and state-of-the-art biofeedback/bio-resonance therapies to support your body in healing itself.

Reflexology and quantum healing laser may also be used. We also look at emotional, mental and nutritional aspects which are known to be potential triggers for asthma attacks.

Breathing Therapy and, if necessary, emotional release work could also help free up your breathing in ways you may not have experienced for years.

  • Jacqueline Kareh

Migraine, Skin Conditions and Rashes

A wide range of conditions including migraines, rashes and other skin conditions are aggravated by stress and anxiety. Any of the therapies designed to reduce levels of stress and anxiety can be effective in helping to reduce the impact of these conditions on your life.

SCIO Healing is also highly effective with skin complaints.