Meditation and Mindfulness


The aim of meditation is to help you to relax and experience greater peace of mind by steadily focusing your mind to settle your thoughts and emotions. The technique can be highly effective for people suffering from stress, depression or anxiety and for those wanting to live a more productive and calm life.


Guided Meditation

Related to creative visualisation, this leads the mind on a 'journey' dipping into the subconscious and bringing up fresh awareness into our conscious mind. Great for when we are stuck in a rut, struggling with old patterns, not being able to resolve a conflict, for example. Can be a useful alternative to counselling or psychotherapy.  Cathy uses a particular style called psychosynthesis.



This is a valuable meditative technique. It helps you develop a greater awareness and consciousness by focusing your mind. By learning the technique you can learn to behave in ways that are less determined by past experiences and anxiety about the future, and more focused on being positive and 'in the moment'. Mindfulness is a great way to start any type of meditation.  At the clinic we current run group sessions and can be very effective in helping you manage stress, depression and chronic pain.


Classes are held for adults only or for parents and children (6 to 8 years, other ages by arrangement)

To find out more or to book contact Cathy Towers on 07989 564660 for guided meditation and mindfulness

or Jacqueline Kareh for meditation on 0785 000 8133