Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are probably more common than you think. They can occur in varying degrees in many people. Where either or both of these conditions affect your ability to live a normal life it’s important to seek help. The good news is that these conditions are treatable and don’t necessarily need medication.

Counselling and Psychotherapy will help you understand the causes and recognise triggers. They’ll also give you strategies to manage your condition and lead a happier, more positive life.

Struggling to deal with the loss of a loved one or major life changes sometimes results in depression or anxiety. With help from a skilled professional you can overcome these challenges and get your life back on track.

Our experienced counsellors provide a quiet nurturing space where you can safely explore the root causes of your depression or anxiety. They’ll help you focus on the person you would like to be and the life you would like to lead. Effective therapies include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy techniques, Mindfulness and simple, natural techniques like Transformational Breathing that can make a huge difference to your ability to manage stressful situations.

A range of Bodyworks Therapies can also be very helpful including Zero Balancing and SCIO Healing.

Therapists who can help:

  • Fee Cockings (counsellor)
  • Cathy Towers (psychotherapy or zero balancing)
  • Jacqueline Kareh (Bioresonance therapy)


Relationship Issues

For some people, forming positive and loving adult relationships seems impossible – no matter how much they want them. Often the cause lies in coping strategies developed to deal with previous unsatisfactory relationships. These strategies become ingrained and affect how you relate to people in adult life.

Counselling will help you explore your past to understand your present. We have therapists who offer couples counselling as well as one-to-one. Specialist relationship counselling will help you identify and change the behaviour at the root of your problem and improve your ability to form and maintain positive relationships.

Theraists who can help:



Couples Counselling

Sometimes when there are relationship challenges it can be more beneficial to meet with a therapist together. It is not for 'refereeing' - your therapist can aid clearer communication.

  • Cathy Towers (also offers couples counselling)
  • Fee Cockings (counsellor)


Stress, Frustration and Anger

Frequent and severe bouts of anger not only affect your ability to enjoy life, they are distressing and sometimes frightening for loved ones and colleagues. Simply telling yourself not to get angry doesn’t work.

Through greater understanding of the underlying causes, and by learning to recognise trigger points and signs of the increasing tension that can result in a bout of extreme anger, you can change your destructive behaviour.

Effective therapies include Counselling, Psychotherapy and Zero Balancing, which is highly effective in relieving stress and tension and will help you achieve a calmer state of mind.

Therapists who can help:

  • Cathy Towers (psychotherapy or zero balancing)


Work Issues

Sometimes issues at work can affect the rest of your life. Conflicts, overwork or uncertainty over your future can be significant causes of stress and anxiety or can result in exhaustion. We can help you cope through a range of therapies including Counselling, Psychotherapy, Meditation.


To find out more or to book a session contact Cathy on 07989 564660 or your chosen therapist directly from the Meet our Team page.