Counselling and Psychotherapy


This is often a shorter-term intervention designed to focus on things that you do and the way you behave. We focus on building a trusting relationship between you and your counsellor to help you understand and solve your problems. Good examples are relationship issues and anger management. Here, counselling can help you see how your behaviour is affecting other people and help you do something about it.


This is usually used to help overcome more chronic, long-term conditions including anxiety and depression, although it can also focus on helping you solve your problems. Psychotherapists undergo extensive training in a range of therapeutic techniques designed to explore and address underlying causes of a range of conditions. Quite often therapy is delivered alongside other treatment from a medical practitioner.
Sometimes cognitive techniques are used which help you to question some of your assumptions about the way you behave and the world around you. Sometimes it is an interpersonal approach which focuses on how you interact with other people. And sometimes it is a question of exploring early experiences and previous relationships to understand how they affect your mood and behaviour. Our approach is always supportive.
LGBT very welcome.
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